2007 Young Members Initiative



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Young Members Initiative (Eight Programs) Getting new, young leadership and members is a challenge all Men’s Club’s face.  Over the last fifteen months, we have added many brand new programs designed to attract young new members and train new leadership for our club.  It has been a wonderful success.  All the events listed below were run by new, young leaders and officers of our Men’s Club.  We know that we are in good hands as we look to the future of NSS Beth El’s Men’s Club. Programs added at suggestion of new leaders – switched from Sundays to evenings – three executives are young – did not sacrifice any of the programs that have been recognized for previous torch awards and are meaningful to our congregation and long time members.

Annual Scotch and Israeli Wine Tasting (12/14/05 and 11/16/06) – The first time we held this event over 40 men attended and it became an annual affair.  This year over 50 men attended and we have gotten many new members to sign up as a result.(See Attached-Synagogue Bulletin Notice of Wine Tasting