2009 IX Annual Word Wide Wrap at Beth Torah




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Over a hundred people participated in the World Wide Wrap 2009 event breaking previous records in attendance.

By 8am there was already a fairly large number of people at the shul, preparing for breakfast, helping others to lay on tefillin, and schmoozing. Reaching out to Latin America, Cantor Cattan was busy completing the setup for connecting via the Web with Congregation NSI of Montevideo, Uruguay. A large screen had been placed in front of the Bimah, allowing us to see and hear members of NSI following along with our service.

In addition, members of the bar Mitzvah class were present with their parents. Morning Minyan started at 8:30. Rabbi Farber gave a Drasha on the use and tradition of tefillin. Rabbi Rojzman pointed out how such an old tradition could coexist with modern technology and allow us to "wrap around the world"

During breakfast, a short program included words from Men’s Club President Marvin Krutchik and Ed Margolis president of the Florida region. Stan Greenspan and Richard Gray of the FJMC Executive Committee presented our Club with its 2nd Quality Club Award.

After breakfast the kick-off lecture of the "Wellness" program series was presented by Dr Jay Sosenko, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics in the Diabetes Research Institute of the University of Miami, who discussed recent research initiatives in the field of diabetes, and their implications for public health, diet and exercise for children and adults.