2009 To Life !




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“To Life!” Is the title for the overall health and wellness programming for the Temple Israel Brotherhood. In response to Bob Braitman’s outgoing presidential speech at the 2007 convention, we created programs to promote increased physical activity in our club. As a result, we have fielded a Brotherhood softball team as part of a Jewish Softball League through the summer, sponsored a golf tournament, F1 car racing, regular bike rides from the Spring through Fall, and “Tennis on Tuesdays” throughout the Fall and Spring. These programs have engaged a broad range of participants and have been especially attractive to younger members. Each of the sporting activities has enlisted some of the same individuals, but there has been surprisingly little overlap. The net result has been a series of physical activities that have appealed to the needs of the different constituent groups within our Brotherhood, as well as drawing in new members. All told, approximately one half of our 150 members have participated in one or more of these ongoing activities, which promote fun, health, and camaraderie.