2009 Organ Transplant Awareness Shabbat




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Organ Donation Shabbat

Marvin Krutchik, our Men’s Club President, received the Gift of Life, a kidney transplant from his son Ed thirteen years ago. He approached our rabbis to have a special Shabbat for the awareness and importance of organ donation. They agreed that the kidney would have a bar mitzvah for its thirteenth birthday.

The rabbis decided to call the service Organ Transplant Awareness Shabbat. Flyers were sent to the congregants, emails were sent out, and the Shabbat service was advertised in the Torah Times, our synagogue’s bi monthly newsletter.

As part of the Shabbat service Marvin, his son Ed who donated his kidney, and Ed’s son Alex (age 11) shared the haftarah portion. Jenifer, Ed’s wife chanted the opening blessings for the Haftarah. The entire family participated in the service. Other congregants including those who were donors or recipients of organs were invited to participate in this Shabbat Service.

Rabbi Rojzman created a pamphlet that explained Jewish views of organ donation throughout the years. His sermon was directly related to the importance of organ donation. “To Save a Life” is the message.