2009 Remembering the Kindertransport




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In recognition of the 70th Anniversary of the Kindertransport (to move Jewish children from of Nazi Germany to England), the Brotherhood – in conjunction with the Beth Israel Sisterhood – sponsored this event. John Obermeyer, a child rescued by the Kindertransport (and now living in MD) was invited to speak. A representative from the British Embassy in Washington was also invited. After a sumptuous breakfast was served by the Brotherhood to the 230 attendees, a short ceremony was held where Mr. Obermeyer and 5 Holocaust survivors came onto the bema to light Yom Hashoah Yellow Candles. This was followed by our two keynote speakers. At the end, Mr. Obermeyer played a song from a published CD which was written by his daughter in honor of his journey from Germany to England – via the Kindertransport – and eventually to the US. As attendees left, they were given an FJMC Yellow Candle to take home and light on Yom Hashoah. Much applause and many tears.

The event was covered by the local news media both before and after the event. There were 230 attendees.