2011 Father / Daughter Hanukkah Dance



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This event has become an “Instant Classic!” We transformed our traditional Hanukkah dance for older couples into a father/daughter dance. We had 60 “couples” in our first year, a DJ, decorated social hall, kidfriendly Hanukkah food, gift bags for the girls, games, and fun. Most girls were between 5-10 years old, but we had a couple of toddlers and a woman who was escorted by her 83 year-old father! We had a prom-style photo booth and each MC member received a free 5 x 7 photo. Non-members paid $5 for each photo, and everyone could order extras. Many dads wore tuxedos, and the girls were all dressed to impress.

This event can involve a large group of people. Team leaders can be selected for entertainment, decorations, food, set-up/clean-up, publicity, donations/give-aways/prizes, and more. This event can easily be expanded into a “Family Hanukkah Dance” to include moms and sons, but we liked the extra special father/daughter time. In many cases, the moms were signing up the dads to take their girls to the dance!

We have the date for the 2011 dance, and the committee is forming now. This event is a great way to bring younger dads into the organization.