2011 New Leadership New Approach: Capturing Youth with Oral History, Hands on Learning




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The previous leadership team completely passed the torch to a new team of younger leaders this year for www and in the process came up with a model for www that could be applied to any congregation in the world, from large to small. While our club had won a Torch Award previously for our World Wide Wrap implementation, changes in key leaders in the synagogue, religious school, and men’s club forced us to rethink our approach, and we completely redesigned our World Wide Wrap event this year to draw in new young leadership; draw together multiple synagogue groups that had the potential of drifting apart; and make it a self-running part of the religious school curriculum and Men’s Club yearly events. It was carefully designed to be meaningful to the youngsters as well as reinforcing Men’s Club membership by making the parents of those youngsters become their “tefillin teachers” for the day.