HMV Programs "Listening to Gods Voice" and "Work and Worth" (pw=fjmc)



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Sessions were held on two Hearing Men’s Voices programs: “Listening to God’s
Voice- Encountering god in Crisis” and “Work and Worth”. Each program
consisted of four sessions conducted during a Wednesday evening on a monthly
basis from Dec. to February. “Listening to God’s Voice” was done in 5766 (2005-
2006) and “Work and Worth” in 5767 (2006 -2007). Our goal was to:

1. Have club members grapple with common situations in a Jewish context

2. Demonstrate the value of belonging to the club and the FJMC

3. Attract new members to the club.

4. Demonstrate use of HMV booklets to other clubs.

About 10 members
attended per session each year and most participated in nearly all 8 sessions. This
included 2 new members for the second year. Also two members of another club
attended the first session of the first year.