Travel Insurance Incl Medical

When you travel, you should consider Trip Travel Insurance. This is a package of insurance that typically covers:

  • Medical Insurance - Whether you have Medicare or private health insurance, you probably won't be fully covered for regular medical or dental care when you travel to Canada or other countries. Whereas private insurance will likely cover emergencies, Medicare will not. Those on medicare will have no coverage once they enter Canada. Therefore, supplementary travel medical insurance is highly recommended.
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance - If you or one of your family members gets sick, and you need to cancel your trip, this insurance would cover your loss. A broad form of this insurance covers cancellation or interruption due to virtually any reason. The Convention Terms & Conditions clearly state that we charge cancellation fees for any reason and the organization can no longer afford to absorb the loss of the cost of your hotel room and meals.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation - This type of transportation can be expensive, and it is not covered under most regular medical insurance policies.
  • Baggage Loss/Damage - This would cover your additional expenses due to lost luggage.

The types of insurance, breadth, and the amounts of insurance vary, so shop around, and select what you feel you need. Better to be safe than sorry.  You may purchase the insurance from your insurance broker/agent or online.  Before you shop around, check your credit card - you may already have coverage included if you paid by credit card.