Wanted: Mad Men

Don Draper

Do you fantasize being the next Donald Draper?

If you think you have promotional talents, we’re an organization that can use and appreciate those talents.  Whether you think you can be a Social Media Maven, creating tweets and posts that go viral (sufficient to require a bowl of chicken soup), or are able to create a captivating advertising campaign for the latest and greatest left handed digital widget - which, as a result, will become the next big 'must have' appliance -  test those talents with us.

Many of our organization's leaders have gotten involved in order to use some "hidden talent" they believe they have or to polish some skill they’d like to learn. You can, too!

If you have the right qualifications - or if you know someone who does, and who is willing to work long hours at slave wages nonexistent wages - then you need to get in touch with Allan Kahan, Communications Vice President. You can get hold of Allan at akahan@fjmc.org.  You'll be paid in deep appreciation and great knowledge by an organization that truly appreciates it.

(Tell him Batton, Barton, Durstein, Osborn, Finkelstein, and Chaim Yankel sent you.)