"Welcome Shabbat" at Temple Beth Israel, Los Angeles

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"Welcome Shabbat" at Temple Beth Israel, Los Angeles

Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock has implemented a monthly "Welcome Shabbat" service which is a regularly scheduled Saturday morning service with the flavor of a "director's cut."  Susan Stone, President, Board of Directors, Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle Rock, Los Angeles shared this successful program with FJMC:

Our b'nei mitzvah class teacher annotates the service for people who wish some more information about what's going on. This happens in a section of pews and from the bimah at appropriate moments throughout the service. We have had positive response and feedback on this program. You can read more about it and our temple here. I appreciate your including us in a listing of such services.

Saturday morning Shabbat minyan services at TBI are always warm, welcoming and inclusive but once a month we go the extra mile to welcome our upcoming b'nei mitzvah students, new comers of all ages and anyone who would like a little bit more explanation about the why's and how's of our Saturday morning services.

  • Torah School teacher, Joseph Tepperman explains it all for us.
  • Please don't be shy. We guarantee that even old-timers are bound to learn something new.
  • Students will be welcome up on the bimah to see what all the mystery is about.
  • Check our calendar page for the next Shabbat Welcome Minyan (usually the 4th Saturday of each month).
  • See you soon!

View details at www.tbila.org