WWW 2018 Registration

FJMC clubs are planning events with their schools, with their USY and at their congregation annual meetings. Clubs are giving away sets of tefillin as awards, setting up boot camps, creating Hearing Men's Voices programs using tefillin as the jumping off points. Clubs are creating pen-pal programs and song contests using tefillin as a theme. Clubs are using the tefillin theme as the center of innovative and broad based and multi-media educational lesson plans. And clubs are most often using the World Wide Wrap as an across the congregation, across the town, across the world excuse to get together and do something uniquely Jewish.
Let me and all the clubs know what you are doing, how you are marketing your program, and what help or ideas you might need. Guys are writing songs, creating lesson plans, motivating their clubs. Share your ideas with me and with each other. Encourage all your region's clubs to participate, or invite a club to join you, in person or virtually,  if they don't have their own program. This year we're going for the "tie!"

Register your congregation/organization for the World Wide Wrap 2018, which is now open.   

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To download a 'cheat sheet' explaining how to register for the Wrap, click here.


Norm Spatz and Irwin Harris FJMC WWW Chairs