Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle™ Lighting Poem

This poem should be sent with the Candle. It includes another short reading
"The Blessing of the Yellow Candle" which can be recited during the lighting ceremony.

This is a poem written by Ron Adler. Ron's father, Bernie, is a former Men's Club President at Congregation Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, CA.

Bernie asked his son, a musician and sound editor who joins the Men's Club each year to box candles, to develop something that would bring the message of the candles to younger generations. Ron accepted the challenge and wrote the attached poem.

The poem was reviewed by the VBS Men's Club and used as part of their Yom HaShoah program last year. At that time, the poem was read prior to the lighting of the Candle.

We encourage you to reproduce the poem and enclose it with every Candle. The poem ends with a blessing which brings God back into the proverbial picture and provides continued meaning for all of us.


"Who Am I To Speak Of A Time?"
Who am I to speak of a time
of families crushed, of crimes of mankind,
of children in hiding and living in fear,
of mothers trying to hide all their tears,
of fathers praying to an empty heaven,
of people dying again and again?
Who am I to know what it was like
to be persecuted by day and trapped by the night,
to be surrounded by a world turned upside down,
to be starved and tortured and beaten to the ground,
to witness a nation of hate marching past,
to see all their dreams broken and shattered like glass?
Who am I to mention their suffering and pain,
the ghettos, the camps, life and death inhumane?
I wasn't even born, I wasn't even there,
it happened long ago, it could never happen here.
Who am I to know what God had in mind
when the virtues of man were buried alive,
when good lost to evil and hope turned to despair,
when hell upon earth seemed everywhere?
Who am I to let their memories be forgotten,
to say and do nothing as if it never happened,
to forsake the loss of our Jewish family,
to live in a world of complacency?


The Blessing of the Yellow Candle
We light this yellow candle to rekindle God's flame,
to shine His light upon the world once again,
to sanctify the memories of the millions of souls,
to honor their prayers and all their lost goals.
We bless their existence by being alive
to light this yellow candle as proof we survived.
Ron Adler