COVID-19 and Yellow Candle - Ask the Rabbi

Q: Today during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are primarily aware of the safety precautions necessary to protect ourselves and members of our community.  This year, our congregation’s Yellow Candles were locked in our shul, as part of social distancing and lock out.  What can we do?

"Child Survivors"

A: This year, in hopes of furthering and increasing Tisha B’Av commemoration by our congregants, Rabbi Mario Rojzman at Beth Torah – Benny Rok Campus in N. Miami Beach encourages safe distribution of the Yellow Candles to our congregants at a later date, if and when safe and possible, and then lighting the candles individually before sunset, if possible, the evening of Wednesday, July 29th, erev Tisha B'Av. Then coming to shul the next day for morning minyan. The candle may reflect the light and strength within our hearts.

“By combining the two commemorations on one date, may we bring light and focus to both;” says Rabbi Rojzman. “Our hearts may always be strong.” 

For more options, click here.  Of course, check with your rabbis for guidance in your congregation and community.