Emotional, Physical, Financial Effects Post Coronavirus

Emotional, Physical, Financial Effects Post Coronavirus on Our Future  What the New Norm Might Look Like

FJMC/FJL has completed a series of webinars.  “What the New Normal Might Look like”

The discussion was centered around Post Coronavirus effects on our lives.  We discussed how this will affect our lives in the next 1-3 years and beyond. The webinar spoke mostly on Mental Health and featured Rabbi Iggy from the T’Shuvah Center. Also present were 3 other Rabbis who are fully on board with this initiative.

Our focus is to prepare, educate and have discussion on What the New Normal Will Look Like.   One in three people and someone in almost every family a Mental Illness.  To talk about it in a casual manner will enable families to be more open about the affects.

We are seeing an increased number and severity of Plagues (more serious viruses and disease). What is the cause? Perhaps the cause has to do with GLOBAL WARMING ,  or simply to many people in the world. We have had increasing severity of viruses. Starting with the Spanish Flu in 1918 and then AIDS,  MERS, and SARS, Ebola and now Coronavirus.  Each virus is worse than the last.  This along with what is going on with the government has created so much stress in our lives.  Discussing how we are coping with the stress intermediate and long term was a focus.

More people are depressed and more people need help.   The elderly are suffering from the lack of face to face discussion and human interaction. Those disabled are also not able to be treated as well.  Post Coronavirus will have a new normal. Also, we need to be prepared for what might come next. We discussed preparing for the next virus and being ready as best we can.

Charities are going to suffer. Charities will have to find new methods of fundraising.  Lost jobs will take years to replace or may never be replaced.  Synagogues will struggle to maintain numbers and will either merge or close their doors.

Commercial real estate will suffer as people find they can now work from home rather than having an expensive office.  

Oil companies are taking a big hit as less people are traveling by car or plane.  The good thing is our air is cleaned.  This will eventually trigger an intersection of 5G technology and Coronavirus.   All this gives a dim view but out of so much negative news comes a positive spin. With 5G technology old jobs will be replaced with the new jobs related to 5G. A new generation of jobs will emerge in the millions.

We will see driverless cars and trucks called autonomous vehicles. We will see robotics become a larger part of our surgeries.  Also, we will observe telemedicine take off with apps, and online.

Diagnostics from our doctors and perhaps even physical exams will be online.  They are all being piloted as we speak.

Politics for at least this election will change as there is now an intersection of how to respond to rallies.  How will colleges be affected and how will our kids respond?

There is a lot of material presented and a significant amount of thought. More webinars will be available as the FJMC Committee on the “Imagine Life” A Mental Wellness Initiative before it is too late, further creates a plan. We are reaching out to Rabbis and other clergy to become part of the initiative.  Subsequently, we will provide a timeline, as well as training.  We are hoping to Destigmatize Mental Illness in our synagogues and provide education, prevention and awareness to Hebrew school kids.  This initiative has received grant dollars to provide scholarships to Hebrew school kids to bring programming related to mental illness.  The grant money has been made available through the FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life. For any questions please contact:

Gary Smith at gsmith@fjmc.org