FJMC Board of Directors, 2021-2023

FJMC’s Board of Directors is comprised of the members of the Executive Committee, Regional Presidents, Past International Presidents, Board members appointed by the International President, members appointed by the Region President, and elected Board members.

There are openings for board members to be appointed by Region Presidents.  Please contact your Region President if you are interested in serving on the board.

Region 2021-23
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Abayudaya Elisha Higenyi  
Abayudaya Sam Muwalani  
Abayudaya Allan W. Zilaba  
Ansh-eh Zafon Stan Greenspan  Communications
Ansh-eh Zafon Bruce Martin Regions
Ansh-eh Zafon George Nadas Treasury and Finance
Ansh-eh Zafon Rick Wronzberg Convention 2023
Anshei Darom Chuck Bernstein Yellow Candles
Anshei Darom Steve Dix ByLaws
Anshei Darom Mike Mills Affinity Group - Yiddish
Anshei Darom Meir Niad Regions
Anshei Darom Barry Riesenberg  Israeli Programming
Connecticut Valley Glenn Hauer  
Connecticut Valley Phil Margolis Regions
Connecticut Valley Marty  Melnick  Club Services and Expansion
Connecticut Valley Steve Sosensky   
Florida Allen Brown   
Florida Allan Gottesman  FJL
Florida Blake Lenett  Regions
Florida Ed Margolis ed  Yellow Candles
Florida Mark Weber Webinar & Affinity Group. YouTube Administration
Hudson Valley Andy Alper  Information Technology
Hudson Valley Harold Nissen   
Hudson Valley Javier Rosensweig Secretary
Hudson Valley Stephe Sturman  Inclusion
KY-IN-OH+ Dale Levy  Leadership Development Institute
KY-IN-OH+ Karl Rubin Karl Rubin < Webinars and Affinity Groups
KY-IN-OH+ Doug Segerman  Revenue
KY-IN-OH+ Gary Smith Imagine Life
KY-IN-OH+ Tom Sudow  Israeli Programming
Mid Atlantic Lawrence Allen   Mentor
Mid Atlantic Alan Budman 1st VP
Mid Atlantic Marc Cohen Programs
Mid Atlantic Art Lashin  Yellow Candles
Mid Atlantic Larry Nathanson Inclusion
Mid Atlantic Steven Pilchik Men's Club Shabbat
Mid Atlantic Lester Shapiro  Regions
Mid Atlantic Joey Swerdlow  Logistics Coordinator
Mid Atlantic Bruce Tomar Hearing Men's Voices
Mid Atlantic Jason  Waksman Searching for Information & Calling
Midwest Jerry Agrest Mentor
Midwest Creighton Cohn Regions
Midwest Mark Givarz Leadership Development Institute
Midwest Norman Kurtz Training & Leadership Development
Midwest Rob Lipka Friends of FJMC
Midwest Norwin Merens  Webinar Presenters Committee
Midwest Eric Yegelwel Leadership Development Institute
New England Bob Braitman Programming
New England Mark Druy Dues Collection
New England Elliot Feldman Club Services and Expansion
New England Richard Gray Affinity Group - Genealogy
New England Richard Kramer Israeli Programming
New England Dave Kravitz Affinity Group - Sports
New England Danny Mandeau Convention 2023
New England Marty Paley  Minyan of Comfort
New England David Singer Regions
New York Metro Aaron Altman Inclusion
New York Metro Jay Steinmetz  Leadership Development Institute
Northern NJ Rob Blitzer World Wide Wrap
Northern NJ David Glass Regions
Northern NJ Peter Gotlieb Operations / Office
Northern NJ Bob Levine  
Northern NJ Jeff Schulman Revenue
Northern NJ Eric Weis Yellow Candles
Seaboard Mark Berlin Club Services and Expansion
Seaboard Eric Beser Inclusion
Seaboard Greg Gore Yellow Candles
Seaboard Allan Kahan President
Seaboard Danny Stern Treasury and Finance
Seaboard Michael Freilich  
Seaboard Bob Watts Web Redesign & Information Systems
Tri-State Jonathan Epstein HaShofar
Tri-State Alex Kiderman Operations / Office
Tri-State Stephen Neustein  
Tri-State Mike Rosenberg Club Services and Expansion
Tri-State Warren Sufrin Friends of FJMC
Western Mitch Daks Convention 2023
Western Mitch Elovitz Yellow Candle
Western Mitch Elovitz Yellow Candles
Western Gary Katz Communications
Western Bart Kogan  
Western Jon Medwin Regions
Western Mitch Ross Leadership Development Institute
Western Myles Simpson  Regions
Western Benny Sommerfield Training & Leadership Development
Western Warren Sterling  
Western Ken Storms