FJMC Organization 2021-2023




Jerry Agrest

First Vice President

Allan Gottesman
ByLaws Chair / Parliamentarian

Operations / Office

Portfolio Sponsor
Peter Gotlieb
Portfolio Emeritus
Elliot Feldman
Vice President Alex Kiderman
Marketing Chair

Treasury and Finance

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Danny Stern
Revenue Coordinator
Dues Collection/Back End
Friends of FJMC/Back End
Fundraising Study Group - explore ideas for fundraising; no fundraising involved.
Jeff Schulman
Sefer Haftarah II Project


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Myles Simpson
Vice President
Regional Vice Chairs
to be selected by Regions Vice President
Maasim Tovim 
Revision of Regional President Manual

Club Services and Expansion

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Mark Berlin
Vice President
Quality Club Award
Torch Award
Revision of Club Officer Manual
Al Mervin

Training & Leadership Development

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Norm Kurtz
Vice President
Burt Fischman Leadership Development Fund Coordinator
Leadership Development Institute
Mark Givarz, Chair & Mitch Ross, Vice Chair
Regional Track Leaders
Emerging Leaders Track Leaders
Eric Yegelwel, Dale Levy, Co-Chairs
Arie Frohlich - Ritual Chair
FJMC - Leadership Conversation
Sunday Skill Sessions (Local Virtual LDIs)
Mentoring Program
Mark Givarz & Bruce Tomar, Presidential EC Appointees


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Bob Braitman
Vice President
Hearing Men's Voices
Men's Club Shabbat
World Wide Wrap
Build A Pair
Minyan of Comfort
Orin Rotman & Sandy Victor
Israeli Programming 
Barry Riesenberg ,Chair
Response to Anti-Semitism (with ADL & USCJ) Dan Granek, Chair
Imagine Life
Steve Dix and Gary Smith (Co-Chairs)
Steak 'n Scotch Admin.
Temple Sinai Men's Club (Dresher) - MAR
Beer and Bible Admin.
Temple Sinai Men's Club (Dresher) - MAR
Webinars & Affinity Groups Coordinator
Karl Rubin
Webinar Talent Committee
Norwin Merens
Webinar & Affinity Group. YouTube Administrator
Olam Tikvah (SEA) Mark Weber
Affinity Group Leader
Karl Rubin - Presidential EC Appointee
Affinity Group - Cooking
Danny Mandeau
Affinity Group - Yiddish
Al Davis, Joe Rotstein
Affinity Group - Finance
Gary Smith, Richard Gray
Affinity Group - Genealogy
Richard Gray
Affinity Group - Sports
David Kravitz
Affinity Group - Photography
David Duchin

Shoah Yellow Candles

Portfolio Sponsor
Greg Gore
Shoah Yellow Candles
Art Lashin,  Expanding Markets & Co-Chair
Shoah Yellow Candles
Ed Margolis, Fulfillment & Co-Chair
Individual Candle Sales
Charles Bernstein (Anshe Darom region)
Searching for Information & Calling
Mitch Elovitz
YC Social Media Leader
Eric Weis

Logistics Coordinator

Joey Swerdlow

Convention 2023

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Mark Druy
Danny Mandeau, Convention Chair Emeritus
Rick Wronzberg
Vice Chair
Mark Givarz
Program Chair


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Stan Greenspan
Vice President
Gary Katz
Information Technology
Barry Balik  (Norm Katz, IT Director)
 - Senior Database Manager Bruce Sicherman
Skills and Talents Coordinator
Neve Shalom Men's Club (NNJ)
Social Media
Anshe Emet’s Men’s Club (MW)
Web Redesign & Information Systems
Bob Watts - Presidential EC Appointee
Keith Myers, Paul Bratt, Stan Schnitzer
Advantage / Tidbits
Keith Myers, Paul Bratt, Stan Schnitzer
Weekly Notices Sender
Larry Klioze
Unraveller Podcast
Michael Freilich, David Edwards
Health and Wealth Podcast
Stephen Shrago, David Edwards, Rob Blitzer & Paul Davidson


Javier Rosenzwaig
Portfolio Sponsor
Bruce Tomar

FJMC Foundation

Allan Gottesman
Ken Turkewitz
Doug Segerman
Peter Gottlieb 
Benny Sommerfeld

[This is a functional organization chart, as a number of the officers are not shown, but still have major responsibilities.]