The FJMC Regions

FJMC consists of fifteen regions, each being the primary contact from the international organization through to its local clubs. The purpose of each region is to: strengthen current clubs, increase membership, and enroll new clubs.

Regional Boundaries

Regional boundaries may change as circumstances require. FJMC’s Regional Review Committee monitors regional issues and club growth to ensure appropriate regional alignment and placement of individual clubs. The current (2019-21) FJMC regions are as follows:


Ansh-eh Zafon

Canada; Western New York has moved to the TriState Region.

Anshei Darom

Alabama; Georgia; Mississippi; North Carolina; South Carolina; Tennessee; Arkansas; Louisiana; Oklahoma; Texas (except El Paso)

Connecticut Valley




Great Lakes

Has been merged into KIO+

Hudson Valley

Northern suburbs of New York City and eastern part of up-state New York, including Albany


Kentucky; Indiana (except northwest corner); Ohio; plus Michigan 

Middle Atlantic

Southern New Jersey; northern Delaware; eastern Pennsylvania


Illinois; (northwest) Indiana; Iowa; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; Wisconsin

New England

Maine; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; Rhode Island, Vermont

Metropolitan New York

New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens); Long Island

Northern New Jersey

Northern New Jersey; Staten Island, New York


Delaware; District of Columbia; Maryland; Virginia; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Merged into the Anshei Darom Region


Youngstown, Ohio; Western New York; Western Pennsylvania; West Virginia


Arizona; California; Hawaii; Nevada; New Mexico; Oregon; El Paso, Texas; Washington


Latin America; Santiago, Chile; Omer, Israel; Abayudaya (Uganda); and the subcontinent, Mumbai, India