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Without the FJMC, valuable Jewish programming might never occur.  FJMC needs your financial support to in order to continue to create the important programs which keeps your men’s Club vibrant.  You can help preserve the significant impact the FJMC and its members have made on behalf of the Conservative Movement and World Jewry by making a pledge. Our movement depends on you!

As a friend of the FJMC, your membership will automatically renew each year. This maximizes the value of your contribution and reduces the number of renewal reminders you would ordinarily receive. There is no better way to support the FJMC!

Become a friend of the FJMC for as little as $18 (Chai) a month (the minimum amount).

Your credit card will be billed $18/month for the next eleven months (12 payments in total).

Friend benefits Include:

  • Convenience - no checks to write or payments to remember
  • Membership is always current
  • Receive a tax receipt every January
  • Discount benefits from the FJMC Store
  • Your name will be proudly on the FJMC website for the year as a sustaining member.

Your Pledge will Support:

  • Training clergy and congregational leaders how to help their members address  Intermarriage in a rapidly changing world
  • Creating new ways to increase Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle engagement
  • Encouraging Jewish Living and teach traditional values through the World Wide Wrap and Build a Pair Initiatives
  • NEW!  We are designing local programing designed to help families provide a firmer financial education for their children and grandchildren from a Jewish perspective.
  • NEW! We have created a course designed to teach clergy and volunteers how to transform a shiva minyan into a Minyan of Comfort


For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day  - $18 a month

You can assure the future of the FJMC.


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Friend of the FJMC Bill of RIqhts:

  • As a Friend of the FJMC (Federation of Jewish Mens' Clubs) I understand that my monthly installment payments for my membership wil be ongoing until I notify FJMC otherwise
  • My annual membership will be automatically renewed each year upon expiration and I will receive a new Membership Card at that time, along with renewal of all my other membership benefits as a Sustaining Member
  • I can choose to increase, decrease. or discontinue my installment payrnents at any time by calling the FJMC at  212-749-8100, or by writing to: The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Inc., 475 Riverside Drive Suite 820, New York, NY 10115-0039, which will take effect on the anniversary of my last renewal.

How to update your recurring payment information:

If your credit card expires, is stolen or needs to be cancelled and replaced with a new number, you'll need to update your payment information.  This is typically a self-service process.  Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Look for an email in your inbox with Subject: Receipt - Friends of the FJMC

    From: Friends of the FJMC Campaign <>
    It comes once a month when your card is about to be charged for your recurring contribution.
2. Scroll down in the body of the message until you see a table with title: Contribution Information
3. Next, look for this line:

"You can update billing details for this recurring contribution by visiting this web page."

The words "this web page" on that line (in your email) will be a link which takes you to a form where you can update your payment information.  Click that link and follow the instructions.  

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the United States. Our tax ID number is 13-6202499. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. No goods or services are exchanged in return for this gift.