Fwd: Membership Statement for Lesley K Stark November 2019

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*This change was made in CiviCRM, BUT:* - *There had been two records for him, the second was for Jeff Stark, using the same e-mail address. * - *The duplicate records were de-duped by Lisa this morning. * - *How are we STILL ending up with two records when the system is supposed to use an "unsupervised rule"* of last name and e-mail address? (This issue was the #4 IT/CiviCRM priority to fix as of 3-25-14 ) * - Was a second record created by the store? He has placed 6 orders there. - Or when he made a contribution? he made two website contributions - *How was Jeffrey's first name overwritten by his spouse's first name?* - Per Regonline, Lesley was registered for the 2019 Convention, *could her name have replaced his when data was ported over?* - *Was a transaction made by Jeffrey using Lesley's credit card?* - *In any case, what can be done to prevent this from happening?* Thank you, Jeremy * Per CiviCRM: > *The 'Unsupervised' rule for each contact type is automatically used when > new contacts are created* through online registrations including Events, > Membership, Contributions and Profile pages. They are also selected by > default when you Import contacts. They are generally configured with a > narrow definition of what constitutes a duplicate. Screenshot of Unsupervised Name and Email rule in FJMC CiviCRM installation [image: image.png] ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Jeff Stark Date: Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 7:58 AM Subject: Re: Membership Statement for Lesley K Stark November 2019 To: Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs Please change statements to go to Jeffrey K Stark at the same E-mail address. Lesley is my wife. Regards, Jeff On Nov 18, 2019, at 2:48 PM, Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs < international@fjmc.org> wrote: This is a message especially for you from FJMC *Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Inc.* *475 Riverside Drive, Suite 820* *New York, NY 10115* *E-mail for general inquiries - international@fjmc.org * *E-mail for dues related items - dues@fjmc.org * *E-mail for website including log-in and Chaverot inquiries - webmaster@fjmc.org * *Website: www.fjmc.org * *Twitter: @FJMC_hq* November 18th, 2019 Lesley Stark 23 Briarfield Lane Huntington NY 11743 Lesley K Stark: You are receiving this statement as the Club President, Co-President or Treasurer of record in the FJMC database for Huntington Jewish Center Men's Club - Huntington, NY (886). If you are no longer the officer that is supposed to receive this statement, please forward it to the proper person or send it to the Men’s Club at the synagogue address. Please ask the current officer to update club information on the website at www.fjmc.org using Chaverot Club Management portal. Thank you! FY 2020 (9/1/19 - 8/31/20) FJMC Membership Statement for Huntington Jewish Center Men's Club - Huntington, NY (886) DateDescriptionOrig. AmountBalance 2019-09-01 Membership Dues:Current Year 462.00 462.00 Total Balance: $ 462.00 *Statement Information for Huntington Jewish Center Men's Club - Huntington, NY (886):* Roster number as of 8/31/2019 for dues calculation: 42.00 Current number of members in FJMC database: 36 Date last roster received: 01-17-2019 FJMC dues rate: $ 11.00 Your baseline roster number from 2013 for statistical reference: 42 Your club number: (Please use in correspondence about your club and enter in the memo section of check) *Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: *about Chaverot; how dues are calculated; what to do if you think there is a mistake or have more questions about the statement; and a tear off form that may be included with a dues payment are *found here * if you were e-mailed this statement or on the reverse side of this statement if you were mailed a statement. *You may also contact your Regional President to discuss your dues.* *The name of and contact information for your Regional President may be found on the FJMC website (www.fjmc.org ). Please go to the "Regions" pull-down menu, select your Region's name, and then click the "Directory" link, the bottom line of the blue box in the left hand corner of the Region's home screen. * *Please note:* - *Current Club Presidents, Co-Presidents or Treasurers* *please update your club roster at any time by using FJMC's **Chaverot Club Management* * portal on the **www.fjmc.org * *website. For** log-in instructions* * or assistance please contact **webmaster@fjmc.org.* - *Please keep the names, titles and e-mail addresses of club officers current by using **Chaverot* *! * - *To update "Date last roster received" *please log into *Chaverot* , review your club roster, go to the check box that indicates the roster is complete and check it. The roster last received date will be changed to the date that the box is checked. Again, for help please contact *webmaster@fjmc.org* - *FJMC dues for the current fiscal year are calculated based on the number of club members on record with the FJMC as of August 31st, 2019. *The current FJMC fiscal year is FY-2020, it began September 1, 2019 & ends August 31, 2020. - *Minimum FJMC Dues are: $ 275 per year. * - *Adjustments*: If there is a discrepancy in your 8/31/2019 roster number or anything else in your records that appears on the statement, please e-mail *dues@fjmc.org* immediately, including your club name and number in the subject line and the words: roster discrepancy, or the nature of the issue in as few "buzz words" as possible, to help us direct the e-mail properly. In the body of the e-mail please state the nature of the discrepancy or issue. - *FJMC International and Regional Officers are volunteers and also Men's Club officers in their own synagogues *and there is a small office staff. We will answer as soon as possible. For general inquiries of the FJMC office please e-mail: *international@fjmc.org* . Again, in the subject line of your e-mail please state what the e-mail is about. This helps us to route the e-mail to proper person for an answer. Thank you, Bruce Tomar Chairman of Regions and Club Services Benny Sommerfeld Chairman of Club Services Alan Budman Dues Chairman *News From the FJMC* *The Yellow Candle Program Guide 2020 is available for download . * *Click here for the Build-A-Pair Program Page to learn more. * *or here to go directly to purchasing Build-A-Pair Kits. * ------------------------------ *Did you miss the last issue of the Advantage? Click here .* * Don't miss out! Please make sure that you and everyone in your club unblocks @fjmc.org in their mail settings. 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