Leadership Development Institute (LDI)

The FJMC Foundation for Jewish Life

Rabbi Joel S. Geffen Leadership Development Institute

An organization is only as good as its leadership.  The FJMC values the hard work and dedication that it takes to run our clubs, regions, and international organization.  Over 25 years ago, Norm Kurtz and Dr. Burton Fischman, z’l, developed the Leadership Development Institute (LDI).   Once each year, we bring together regional leaders and a handful of emerging leaders from each of our regions for a long weekend of fun, educational and leadership development sessions, to strengthen the skills of the participants, to share great ideas, and to build friendships.

At LDI you will:

  • Develop and improve your leadership skills
  • Learn innovative ideas about programming and ritual that you can bring back to your regions, clubs, and synagogues
  • Build lifelong friendships and become part of a community of Jewish men around the world.
  • Understand the leadership impact that the FJMC and Men’s Clubs have on the Conservative / Masorti movement
  • Learn to create and innovate when faced with the challenges shared by clubs and regions across the globe
  • Have a great time, and
  • Make a difference in the Conservative / Masorti movement and your community

LDI is typically held at Pearlstone Retreat Center, Reisterstown, MD outside of Baltimore the late fall or winter of each year.

You may find photos taken at recent LDI's at this link.

If you are interested in attending the next LDI, please contact your Regional President.   Spaces are limited.