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Tefilat HaNeshama



Tefilat HaNeshama / Prayer of the Soul

a Guide to Leading Mindful, Embodied Davening

by Rabbi Daniel Liben

"Prayer helps us grow into the people who we are meant to be."  - Rabbi Dan Liben

Mindfulness Service Guide
Audio/Video Files
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All of us are looking for ways to enrich our spiritual lives. Some that find standard religious services fill that need. At times though we seek other ways to nourish our soul. Rabbi Daniel Liben has developed a mindfulness-based prayer service which we are calling Tefilat HaNeshama / Prayer of the Soul to encourage congregants to develop Jewish prayer as a spiritual practice, supported by parallel practices, including  meditation and chanting.  He and Hazzan Joanna Selznick Dulkin co-lead a training program for this service at our 2019 convention.

FJMC is in a unique position to share this service with our synagogues along with the materials, tools, audio files and training to enhance their spiritual offerings and to provide the leadership to implement this initiative.  As we enter a new era, FJMC hopes that by adding a new dimension to the prayer experience, we will at the same time, strengthen the sense of community in our synagogues and ultimately lead to a more robust Conservative/Masorti Movement.  Like a meditation session or a yoga class, morning davening can be a spiritual practice, one that helps us to develop wholeness, healing and compassion in our lives.

For answers regarding the mindfulness service, contact mindfulness@fjmc.org.


Mindfulness Service Guide

In our Mindfulness Service Guide, Rabbi Liben presents our philosophy of setting goals and using prayer to help us become the people we were meant to be.  We suggest you read the up front sections including the forward by Rabbi Jonathan Slater's from the Institute of Jewish Spirituality.  It provides a wonderful lead-in to where this approach can take us.  Then print out the Sample Service and highlight the sections you plan on using on a particular day.

The Mindfulness Service Leaders Guide can be downloaded by anyone from our website.  It contains links to the chants/meditations within the document.  This video contains a complete Mindfulness Service.

Audio/Video Files

Page numbers are for the Sim Shalom full version / Sim Shalom weekday version.

No. Page Chant

Settling in Audio

Niggun Tishrei - Nava Tehila

2 2 / 1

Modah Ani
Version 2

3 Not in siddur Zeh Dodi V’ Zeh Re’i
4 Not in siddur Halo Chai Ani: I Am Alive
5 7 / 4 Miraculous Bodies Audio
6 8 / 4

Elohai Neshama SheNatata Bi Tehora Hi
Start at the beginning or at the second part at 1:22. English version begins at 2:39

  7 / 4 Ve'ahavta L'Re'echa Kamocha
7 10 / 4

Ve’Ahavta L’Re’echa Kamocha
Similar to our version.  Start at 2:25

8 52 / 14

English chanting followed by

Elecha Adonai Ekrah

9 54 / 16 Baruch SheAmar (3 part) - Shefa Gold
10 80 / 21 Ashrei
11 80 / 21 Michael Strassfeld’s Hassidic Ashre Ha’am She’Kacha Lo
12 84 / 22 Psalm 146 (entire Psalm, sung to Leonard Cohen’s Halleluyah)
13 86 / 24 Psalm 148 (first eight lines, to melody by Nava Tehila)
14 88 / 25

Psalm 150 (Sufi chant)

Kol HaNeshama by Joey Weisenberg

15 92 / 27 Ozi v’ Zimrah
16 Not in siddur

Kulam Berurim
Version 1

17 98 / 32 Rami Shapiro’s “We are loved by an Unending Love,”
18 98 / 32 Ahavah Rabba Ahavtanu
19 98 / 32 Ahavah Rabba Ahavtanu 2
20 104 / 35 English dovening leading into Mi Kamocha
21  120 / 44 Amen chant
22 120 / 44 Oseh Shalom by Nava Tehila
23 120 / 44 Michael Strassberg’s Hassidic Niggun, Amen
24 120 / 44 Oseh Shalom, Shlomo Carlebach


Other Resources

Chants to Awaken the Soul - Handout by Hazzan Joanna Dulkin

Jewish Meditation 101 by Hazzan Joanna Dulkin



Rabbi Daniel Liben was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1983, and became the spiritual leader of Temple Israel in 1991. His warm, friendly and caring approach make all who enter the Temple feel at home. The Rabbi is committed to a vision of Temple Israel that supports the needs of Jewish families at every stage of life. In addition to counseling and guiding individuals and families as they face life cycle events, he brings energy and enthusiasm to his role as teacher in a wide range of settings. The Rabbi leads Family Education programs in the Nursery School, discusses the weekly Torah portion with our Religious School students, teaches adults from the bima or in Adult Education classes, and leads Israeli Folk Dancing on Thursday evenings. Rabbi Liben's leadership has brought focus to Temple Israel's mission to provide individuals and families with opportunities to learn and grow Jewishly in a nurturing and supportive community.

As the Hazzan of Adath Jeshurun in Minneapolis MN, Joanna Selznick Dulkin is committed to innovative musical and spiritual leadership that inspires joy, connection and meaning at all ages and stages. She received her Masters of Sacred Music and Investiture from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2004, and completed the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s Cantorial Leadership Program in 2007.  She is an honors graduate of Stanford University, where she studied English, sang a cappella, and led community High Holiday Services at Hillel. Her background as a camp songleader, Jewish musician and educator led her to the cantorate. Hazzan Dulkin has taught and performed internationally as a Cantor-, Musician- and Scholar-in residence and  is also a published writer and an award-winning composer. She is an officer of the Cantors Assembly, and was on the editorial committee of Siddur Lev Shalem. Hazzan Dulkin and her husband, Rabbi Dr. Ryan Dulkin, are both Bay Area natives and are the proud parents of Zac (15) and Jesse (12).  Check out her video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-QaoPOebXU&t=313s&authuser=0


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