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Thu, 2013-03-07 21:51
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Our Family Programming Events have been designed to attract whole families while bringing in new Members through 4 creative and fun programs throughout the year. There is a fall, winter and spring and summer event that enhance family togetherness while promoting our Men's Club as a "Family-oriented" organization of the synagogue. The 2012 - 2013 Family Programming Events included: July 15th - Annual Congregational Bar-B-Q with a bouncy house, basketball tournament and inground swimming pool; October 12th - Fall Family Fun Day featuring indoor rides and archade at The Party Zone USA; January 12th - Family Game Night featuring scooter races, mummy wrap, pass the grapefruit, and more, with prizes while enjoying pizza and ice cream for dessert; and April 21st - Trip to NYC to see Blue Man Group.
The overall goal of the Family Programming Events is to encourage younger families to become involved in the Synagogue through fun and family-oriented activities. This type of programming is also aimed at obtaining younger men to become a more active Member in our Men’s Club, and to prepare them for succession planning. By gathering their input during current events, they will often assist with future events that they had suggested.

Details of our Family Programming Events Program:
The Men's Club Executive Board plans all of their scheduled events in May for the following year beginning with the summer events and extending to the spring of the following year. The younger Members who have children in the Hebrew School, Nursery Day School and/or Hebrew High School (teens) are surveyed to see what kind of events would attract them to attend and be a part of the Men's Club. Other than the summertime annual congregational Bar-B-Q, which sometimes adds new attractions, we have attended the Jewish Heritage Day with the Mets or gone to local Water Parks. The fall, winter and spring events often change from year to year depending upon preferences. For example, some of the different fall events have included Monster Mini-golf at an indoor Black-light arena; trip to NYC Lower East Side & Ellis Island; trip to the Broadway Theatre to see a family-rated Play; and A Day at the movies. Some of the winter events have included: Snow-tubing at Orange County Park, a basketball game with the NJ Nets (Now the Brooklyn Nets); Bowling for Dollars; and Family Game Night. The spring events have included: Softball games; car washes; a day at the Movies; trip to NYC and the Jewish Heritage Museum; Castle Fun Park & Minigolf; and trip to NYC to see Blue Man Group. The attached Family Programming Event fliers and pictures highlight some of these events.

Time-line for Planning Family Program Events:
Each event is given at least a 2-month time-line in advance of the Event date to plan and promote it to our congregation, and in some cases, to other congregations within the Orange County Jewish community. We will often open these events to outsiders when participation is not fulfilled through Temple Sinai or other local community congregations.

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Advertising and Promoting Family Programming Events:
Advertising for the events takes place with congregational e-mails on a weekly basis through the Rabbi's "Shabbat Shalom" announcements for the coming weekend. They are also advertised through the Temple’s monthly Newsletter that is available on-line, via monthly e-mails to the congregation, and in print form at the Temple Sinai office or through snail-mail for those who do not have an e-mail address. Events are posted on the Temple and Men's Club bulletin board at the Temple, and promoted through printed fliers that are available at the office and in the lobby near the “Up-coming Events” table just outside of the main sanctuary. The Sisterhood, Hebrew School and Nursery School within the Temple also help to promote our events by handing out fliers and e-mailing their Members and the parents of the children. On occasion, the Men's Club will put out a phone tree message to the entire congregation and its Members about 2-to-3 weeks prior to an event, especially when the registration needs a verbal boost.

Mailing fliers in an annual mailing at the start of the year has not had a significant response, and is both costly and time-consuming with considerable pieces of stationery, the folding and stuffing of envelopes, and postage.

The best communication of our Family Programming Events has been through word-of-mouth by either face-to-face contact in the synagogue during services and/or at other events. Person-to-person telephone calls, phone tree messaging and text messaging are also more effective in getting a positive response. Facebook and twitter are two other venues that are being explored for future programming promotions.

Each of the Family Programming Events have a committee chair who selects a few men to help develop and promote the program. This planning process involves on-going phone calls, estimates, logistics, food and materials, transportation, advertising fliers, set-up, clean-up, etc. Communication and timing is key for everything to come together without a hitch. There is usually a photographer who will document each event with pictures for the monthly Newsletter and Men’s Club bulletin board. It is true that "a picture is worth a thousand words," and they attract others to come, or regret missing out on the fun! (Example: Congregational Bar-B-Q flier)

Attach are the event fliers for each of the Family Programming Events described above. Because of the format of the pictures and the amount of space they consume, some of the event pictures have been put into the attached word doc.

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Self Assessment
The success of the Family Programming Events brought 5 new Members to our Men’s Club Executive Board, three of which, will be stepping up into higher positions on the Board in July 2014. Of these 5 new Members, two have significant internet experience and will be assisting us in developing the Temple Sinai Men’s Club Webpage. They will also direct us with new and innovated internet marketing strategies for the promoting and advertising future Men’s Club events and activities. We hope to double our Membership and bring other young men into our club with new programming ideas for the future.
New men who attend The Family Programming Events continue to participate in other FJMC-specific programs that our Men's Club offers, including the annual World Wide Wrap; Men's Club Shabbat, Hearing Men's Voices Discussion Groups and the Yom Hashoah Yellow Candle Program. The more Members we can achieve, the more successful the programs. Succession planning with these new Members insures the future success of both our Men's Club and the HVR-FJMC Region, which directly supports the FJMC International.
The success of the Family Programming Events has grown our Men's Club with younger Members and brought their families into to synagogue for many events beyond just Men's Club. These men have brought creative and innovative ideas and technological advances to out Men's Club that will move us into the future by promoting and advertising our events on a broader scale. They also contribute to our succession planning for our future and the future of the HVR-FJMC Region.
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