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Tue, 2013-03-12 12:06
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Temple Israel of Natick Men's Club - Natick, MA (733)
Photo Booth for Potental Members
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A Men’s Club photo booth at the Purim Carnival provides an excellent opportunity to reach out the next generation of members. It consists of taking photos, projecting the photos in a slideshow (along with Men's Club "commercials") as they are taken and posting them on the Men’s Club Picasa photo site for people to download. The outreach opportunity allows you to expand your email list, send young guys to your website to obtain the photos, hand out fliers for upcoming events, obtain a personalized family photo to include in a dues letter, increase attendance at upcoming events and provide families with multiple years worth of photos to use in a B’nai Mitzvah photo album/collage.
The Purim Carnival is a Men’s Club outreach opportunity that is not to be missed. Having a Men’s Club booth of some type, for example a photo booth, provides many advantages:
1. Add the email addresses of younger guys on your email list
2. The link to the photos is stored on your club’s website, so you get them to visit your website. Once there, they may decide to return.
3. You can hand out a flier of the upcoming events and fathers will actually read it while they are waiting around for their kids.
4. When you send out dues letters in the fall, include one of the photos taken at the booth. This may push them to pay their dues.
5. Storing photos over multiple years of Purim Carnivals and the World Wide Wrap photos will provide photos for family’s Bar Mitzvah collages/albums.
6. There will be increased attendance at upcoming events due to the visibility and selling of the events at the carnival.

The booth provides an opportunity to engage some of the younger guys. They may be too busy now to be involved in the Men’s Club, but it will pay off in the future.


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Self Assessment
Our Men’s Club Photo Booth allowed us to reach out to the next generation of Men’s Club members. We obtained 3 new email addresses. At our next event, a Texas Holdem event, we had our largest turn out ever and 4 new people paid their dues. We now have family photos of potential members to include in next year’s dues letter.
It is all about growing our club so we can build our community. In addition, in our slide show that we displayed on a big screen, we included a slide of the convention flier.
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