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East Brunswick Jewish Center Men's Club - E. Brunswick, NJ (953)
Triple Header Breakfast
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This is a combined program which recognizes heroes within in our community. We first award unsung heroes who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of our Men's Club and/or synagogue. This is then coupled with a blood drive, as those who donate blood are also heroes.
Triple Header Breakfast

The East Brunswick Jewish Center Men's Club has had several traditions for the past several years. This year we combined them, and added a third, for a Triple Header event. We don't charge for our breakfasts to encourage the widest possible participation. Of course, more important than the breakfast itself was what we did at the breakfast.

For our third year, we've sponsored an annual breakfast to recognize the Unsung Heroes of our temple. These are not only members of the Men's Club, but others who have contributed of their time and energies to make EBJC function. We specifically engage all the arms of our synagogue. For example, our first two recipients are active members or our Sisterhood who run the EBJC Gift Shop, and work behind the scenes doing work like preparing the kiddushes for Shabbat services, cleaning our Torahs' silver pieces, etc. Another honoree, was a Men's Club member who makes many things happen in our temple, and who visits sick members of our congregation at a local hospital.

Second, Men's Club co-sponsors with the Social Action Committee our temple's annual blood drive. We plan these two events together, using the traffic generated by Unsung Heroes to ask people to become heroes themselves and donate blood. .

Finally, this event was held on the day after Tu B'Shvat. In order to mark the New Year of Trees, we had a guest speaker at our breakfast from the Jewish National Fund. Our chapter made a contribution to JNF to support their work, and, perhaps more importantly, many of those who attended took home JNF tzedakah boxes to gather additional funds in their own homes.

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Self Assessment
As a result of the hard work of this team, we collected over 60 units of blood, which was a 15% increase from last year's collection. As part of this effort, we reached out to the Young Israel and Reform congregations in our town, and asked them to publicize and co-sponsor the blood drive, which they did. We use such events to generate a spirit of unity between the various Jewish groups in East Brunswick.

This event drew about 50 people to our breakfast, did an important mitzvah in collecting much needed blood, gave thanks to people who make our congregation function, cemented relationships between Men's Club and Sisterhood, helped publicize our good works around our town, and promoted the cause of ecology in Israel.
EBJC Men's Club has always prided itself in helping our synagogue community, our combined Jewish community,our East Brunswick community, and our overall community. We do this through programs like this, which brings together people from all backgrounds and walks of life. And as an added benefit, it helps people from all backgrounds. A true act of tzedakah. As I always say, "Do the Right Thing."
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