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Beth David B'nai Israel Beth Am Brotherhood - Toronto, ON (403)
Scotch and Steak in the Sukkah
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The Brotherhood at the Beth David's executive realized the value in past Torch Awards and decided to use the template of a Sukkah party to begin the new programming year.
Careful planning included costing of the dinner down to the cost of propane. Online registration on synagogue website was used, with over 130 people from 3 different clubs. Actually a joint programme with Beth Emeth, which is less than 3 miles away.
We purchased a new bar-b-que which was raffled off for more than the purchase price - the winner then gifted the bar-b-que to the men's club. Steaks were purchased from a kosher meat wholesaler and prepared by a chef we hired. We also purchased metal cutlery which was tovelled prior to the event and will be used for future events.
One of our club's members is a scotch expert and he was authorized to purchase the scotch.
Dinner began in the sukkah with mincha. The sukkah was too small to hold the 130 people, so we made the motzi in the sukkah and moved inside to the main hall for dinner. Men's club members and spouses had arranged for the table settings and decoration, hors d'ouvers and a cash bar for beer purchases. Men's club members took orders for steaks and made sure that the proper steak was served to each attendee. We also served grilled vegetables that we made on the bar-b-que.
Excellent programme, which made a great start to the brotherhood's year.

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Self Assessment
Great way to start the year, everyone had to work as a team to make the programme work. They did and it was a success!
Brought 130 people to a brotherhood programme, well over twice the record for attendance in the past.
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