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Beth Emeth-Bais Yehuda Men's Club - Downsview, ON (404)
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The Brotherhood at the Beth Emeth has been moribund for several years and a group of men decided to reboot it. Our intention was to involve younger men, and as part of the strategy, topics of interest to younger men in particular were chosen.
This programme involved an expert craft brewer who selected a number of small production but readily available beers and specifically paired them with food items. The beer and the foods were consumed in a specific order, while the qualities of the particular beer were extolled.
Six craft beers were tasted along with specific menu items. One beer was chosen because it matched with "greasy" food and was paired with latkes toped by lux.
Another was chosen due to it's ability to work with hot and spicy wings. Beers were also paired with corned beef, cole slaw and desert.
Only a small amount of beer was consumed at each pairing; the club made sure that nobody in attendance would be impaired for driving.
The beer expert was a younger member who had a tremendous knowledge of brewing and foods, and had worked in the high end restaurant business.
Special emphasis was made to attract younger members, and over 40% of the attendees were under 40 years of age. Invitations to other clubs in the city were made and representation from at least 3 other clubs attended.
The cost was $20 per person and 75 people (men and women) were in attendance.

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Self Assessment
Great event to help build a club. Involved Jewish men (and women) in Jewish life through kosher food and drink.
Worked to bring younger men to our club(s) in the Lake Ontario Region.
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