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Agudath Israel Men's Club - Caldwell, NJ (963)
Scott Kopen Family Fitness Night
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In February of 2011, Scott Kopen, a loyal member and a former president of the Agudath Israel Men's Club, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Six months later, he was gone.

To honor his memory, the CAI Men's Club developed a program that featured one of Scott's favorite activities and got the community moving. Literally. Scott Kopen Family Fitness night was born. On Saturday night, March 24, 2012, we gathered at Tiger Tennis and Fitness (Scott's gym) to exercise, play tennis, and raise money for pancreatic cancer research.
The Family Fitness Night program on March 24, 2012 was held at Tiger Tennis and Fitness in West Caldwell. The facility was kind enough to donate the space - free of charge - to the Men's Club for this event. The club also received donations to raffle off and "tricky tray" from the NHL, the NJ Nets, and local businesses such as jewelry, catering, family photography, and spas. We also received personal donations like Yankee tickets and museum memberships from many CAI members.

For $20 a person, $30 a couple and $40 a family, participants, including children, had access to the whole gym. Many played tennis or received tennis lessons from on-site pros. Others worked out in the cardio/weight room. Every dollar raised was donated to the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Approximately $2000 was raised at this event.


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Self Assessment
While the Scott Kopen Family Fitness Night was a tremendous PR event for our Club, the greater impact was on raising awareness for pancreatic cancer research and overall men's health issues. It was an honor for the CAI Men's Club to be the vehicle to carry that message.

The event did draw several prospective members to the location. At least 10 of these members have returned for subsequent events. We are still in the process of cultivating these prospective members for leadership roles in our Club.
There is no greater mitzvah than sustaining the memory of a departed Men's Club brother. To do it not just with a fun event, but an event that makes people aware of a horrible disease gives it extra relevance. Now every time a CAI member hears about pancreatic cancer, they will think of Scott and his great contributions to our community.

Leadership: Marty Schenker's passion in making this program a success should be commended. This passion was contagious, and we all felt a heavy responsibility to make this event a winner - for the Club, for Scott's family, for Scott's memory.

Innovation: This was a new program for us and one of our more labor-intensive endeavors. We intially proposed a lecture on pancreatic cancer research, but thought an event where participants could enjoy what Scott enjoyed while getting themselves fit -- all while raising awarness for Pancreatic Cancer Research -- would be more impactful.

Community: The program brought out core and prospective members of our Men's Club, as well as members of the CAI community at large. We also received a great turnout from the non-Jewish community who knew Scott or were passionate about this cause.
We will continue to serve Scott's memory with a Men's Health series that will consist of lectures from health care professionals and physical activity.

Upon hearing about the low percentage of Americans who get screened for melanoma (24%), our club will be hosting Dr. Deborah Rabner on June 13. She is a board certified dermatologist and member of our shul who will discuss prevention and screening.
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