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We wanted to attract members to the synagogue for an evening of fun and community building. Our first annual talent show featured musicians, singers, dancers, and comedians from ages 5 to 93. Over 60 members attended and we had a fun-filled evening.

At the Quad Regional Retreat in June 2012 one of our members spoke about two of our programs one of which we had done and one of which we were planning. Forest Hills Jewish Center in the NY Metro Region, a club in a different region told us that they had run a Talent Show for many years, offering help in planning and running the show. We met several times during the winter, which resulted in two successful programs – a dinner/presentation at their club and a successful show at ours. From what I believe this may be the first time that 2 regions jointly collaborated on a series of programs.

We implemented many of the ideas shared with us by FHJC as we had no experience with running a talent show. Those included event logistics (lighting and sound) which a few committee members had knowledge in, establishing auditions and rehearsals (final run through), and establishing time limits on acts.

We held open auditions 2 months prior to the event which was heavily promoted within the Synagogue via blast emails, Shabbat announcements (both written and from the bimah), and bi monthly Brotherhood emails. We had several acts not attending open auditions which we included after auditioning them at a later date.

The show itself featured a wide variety of acts and ages as outlined above and ran for over 2 hours (it was after the clock change so we had to start at 8:30 PM). Our friends from FHJC joined us as we did their show and performed before the cheering audience.

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Self Assessment
The Talent Show was widely talked throughout the synagogue. Congregants talked about the performances and talents nobody knew the members had. Musicians loved the opportunity to perform onstage, and we heard many tell us that they wanted to perform in next year’s show. We will also be using it as an opportunity to bring the teenagers who do not continue with Jewish studies after B’nai Mitzvah back to the synagogue for a fun evening and a first step toward more involvement.

This was an original program to attract people to the synagogue for a social event rather than a religious or educational one. Nothing like it had ever been done in our congregation. Our goal was to increase participation and allow congregants to socialize in a fun, constructive way. This allows the Men’s Club to be a forum for people to get to know their neighbors a little more, and to build the community.
Get to know other clubs in your region (at regional events and meetings) and clubs outside your region (at convention and retreats). Collaboration will not only help you in getting a Quality Club Award but can bring new ideas, thought leadership and membership to your club.

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