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Temple Torat Emet Men's Club - West Boynton Beach, FL (1344)
Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Jewish Heritage Day
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Each year the Miami Marlins ( formerly the Florida Marlins ) would hold a Jewish Heritage Day baseball game that they promote to the various Jewish organizations in South Florida. This year the Marlins moved into a brand new enclosed stadium and we felt this would be a great bus trip down to Miami to see the game. Since we did not know what type of attendance we were going to get, the chairperson decided to advertise the game as a South Florida SubRegion FJMC event in order to have our region be able to get together and do something as mutliple clubs in the South Florida area.
Our Men's Club had not attempted to attend a professional sporting event in the past because of the issue of selling enough tickets to have a bus take the group to the sporting event since our Men's Club has a majority of senior's who do not drive far distances ( ie, 50 miles to the stadium ). In previous years, I had tried to have the religious school sell tickets to the Jewish Heritage Baseball Game that had been publized by a Jewish radio show host to help fundraise for Jewish day schools but it never really got off the ground.
2012 had the Florida Marlins moving into a new indoor enclosed air conditioned stadium in Miami thus making the outing alittle bit more feasible in August ( ever try sitting outside in South Florida in August on a Sunday 1 pm afternoon to watch a baseball game - good luck roasting ).
Recently my Men's Club was barking alittle about what national does for our club as well as what the Florida Region does. Thus I had mentioned to our Club that we wanted to sponsor having our Men's Club attend the Jewish Heritage Day Baseball Game this year and invite the South Florida subregion of the FJMC to attend with us. Everyone agreed this would be a great function to have. I asked the sub regional vice president in our area if this was OK and he stated it would be a great regional function to do since our Men's Club Regional retreat had to be cancelled last year and the region had not been functioning that well. Publicity was sent out to the affiliated FJMC clubs in the South Florida subregion and the various presidents were contacted personally by myself. We ended up having 7 different FJMC clubs in the area participate. We ended up selling 250 tickets and had 3 buses start in Palm Beach Garderns and pick up clubs in Boynton Beach and Boca Raton. Clubs in Broward and Dade County ended up driving themselves to the game. It was a fantastic Regional event and everyone had fun. The Marlins Ballpark has a concession stand called " Kosher Corner" that was situated close to the seats so as kosher food would be available at the game as well.

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Self Assessment
As a club, our Temple Men;s Club sold over 80 tickets and filled up 2 buses - something that nobody ever though we would get that type of turnout. We also created a sense of a South Florida SubRegion to the Florida Region of FJMC - something that has been lacking for years. Everyone, both seniors and families, enjoyed themselves and we all sat in airconditioned comfort in a enclosed stadium instead of sitting in sweltering heat and humidty. We are going to be doing this on a annual basis and have already starting to send out publicity for Jewish Heritage Day 2013 in our SubRegion since this year the game is in early June.
The Florida region has had limited success in programming outside of the Man of the Year Dinner that is held in the various subregions of the State. This type of program sharing and inviting other clubs in the region will help to sell what the FJMC regions can do for the various clubs who may not have enough attendance to attend a baseball game with transporation.
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