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Temple Torat Emet Men's Club - West Boynton Beach, FL (1344)
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In an effort to to have younger men attend some of the functions that our Men's Club puts on, our Club decided to have liquor tasting classes that would be taught be our Cantor, who prior to attending cantoral school, used to be a bar tender. These classes were held once/month during the weekday so as not to interfere with family functions on the weekends ( plus who would want to do liquor tasting early on Sunday morning after dropping off your child in hebrew school ). Since our Cantor is young, we felt that he would attract the younger members of the Temple who would be Men's Club members but rarely attended our Sunday morning breakfasts and other functions. There was a powerpoint presentation by the Cantor about the processes of making of the various liquors that would be tasted each week ( whisky, scotch, tequila, rum and beer ) and then of course , the tasting of various brands of each liquor.
Our Temple had begun the transformation from being a "senior" congregation to being multigenerational.
However, the Men's Club has been slow in making the change and attracted and programed to the majority of members - seniors. In an effort to program to our younger Men in our Temple who had started to join the Men's Club because of the incoming president was younger ( less than 50 years of age ), the president of the Men's Club convinced our Cantor to teach classes about the differences of various types of liquors by having a liquor tasting classes. These classes would be held once/week for 4 weeks and would be held during the weeknight so as not to conflict with family functions on the weekend. It was also decided to price the classes where it would be cheaper to attend all 5 of the classes than if you paid for each class.
The liquor tasting was held in the religious school classrooms and was taught classroom style - with a powerpoint presentation first explaining the various processes of how the liquor was made. Then atleast 5 different liquor's in that category were tasted that spanned the spectrum of inexpensive to expensive brands.
We had a core of 16 Men that paid for the series. We then had an additional 8 - 12 other Men that came during various evenings as they wanted to learn and taste the liquor of the evening.

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Self Assessment
Out of the 16 series participants, over 50 % were under the age of 40 which showed that if you program for a younger generation, they will come. For the Men that came for specific tasting, once again over 50 % of those 8 - 12 Men were under the age of 40. Thus the program was very successfull since it did bring to the table younger men. Now the trick is to keep them involved !!
Without the next generation, FJMC will not survive. Thus we need to begin to go from generation to generation and involve younger men in our Men's Club.
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