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I have read the General Guidelines, "Nuts and Bolts" and Program Advanced Planning (Excel Spreadsheet) Documents
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Beth Emeth Men's Club - Herndon, VA (1144)
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We engaged a local educator trained in the work of a Sofer to develop an interactive program where the Religious School students wrapped and wore T'fillin for services and then learned how they were made.
Program Schedule:
9:00-9:15 Am Kids arrive in class
9:15 Am Teachers bring kids to Sanctuary-Mina’s Opening remarks
9:20 Am-9:30 Am Teachers, Men’s Club Dads & Congregants helping Students put on T’fillin correctly
9:30-10:15 Am Shacharit led by students & USYers
10:15 Am Introduce Rabbi F.
10:20 Am-10:50 Am Rabbi F. presentation on T’fillin, Mezuzah & Torah scrolls
10:50 Am- 11:15 Am Nash + each table works on a WWW-Wrap RAP, based on a Jewish theme or what they’ve learned; Teacher/MC Members shares interesting T’fillin story with the kids at their table
11:15 Am-11:45 Am Part 2 of Rabbi F.’s program: a hands-on calligraphy project of writing student’s Hebrew names on a Claf
11:45 Am-11:55 Am Kids present their RAPs and/or chit-chat with friends at table
11:55 Am-12:00 Pm Rabbi Steve-closing remarks
12:00 Pm End of program-everyone goes home

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Self Assessment
It was a dynamic event which showed the practical side of a ritual. In follow-up, the religious school Principal reached out to Men's club to help organize a similiar event for another neighboring shul.
We continue to promote the FJMC core programming, and the tie in the wrapping all over the world.
Continued innovation is what keeps people excited and interested.

We may have won an award for a WWW program, but it was a completely different program from this one.
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