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Kol Rinah Men's Club - St. Louis, MO (633)
Steak N Scotch and a taste of Talmud in the Sukkah
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We modified Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah to be Steak and Scotch Tasting with a taste of Talmud. We started the program with Havdallah in the Sukkah. We then had a short Talmud session related to Sukkot. We then had a Steak Dinner and followed that with a Scotch Tasting which included a history of Scotch, and then we sampled about 10 different Scotch's, learned about the difference, saw where they were made on a map, and learned about what makes different liquors kosher or not.
We began the evening with a Havdallah service led by Rabbi Dr. (RavDoc) Ryan Dulkin with his guitar (Hazzan Dulkin was not feeling well). RavDoc Dulkin then led an interesting Talmud discussion. For those who are interested in some deeper understanding about drinking in the Sukkah:
the gemara (Sukkah 28b), as well as some Rishonim (Rashi 20b, s.v. lo; Rambam, Hilkhot Sukkah 6:5) and the Shulchan Arukh (639:1), implies that drinking in the sukkah constitutes a fulfi llment of the mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah. Interestingly, some Acharonim note that casual eating and drinking during the meal must be done in the sukkah (see Sha’ar Ha-Tzyun 29, who suggests that even water drunken as part of a meal must be had in the sukkah, regarding which he concludes, “ve-tzarikh iyun.”).
We then had a delicious Kosher Steak Dinner, best bargain in town ($18 for the steak dinner with one Scotch sampling - or $5 for the full tasting). We then had Michael Waxenberg and Michael Shanas lead us in an witty and interesting talk on the history of Scotch, what makes liquors Kosher or not, and then we proceeded to have a full Scotch tasting, where we all rated the different Scotches and learned what makes them different. It was a new program for Shaare Zedek, very well attended and one of our first joint men's club event with BSKI (with who we are in the process of merging).

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Self Assessment
This was a tremendously successful program achieving a number of our Men's Club goals: 1) Bringing younger men into programs 2) Increasing participation in Men's Club programs 3) Adding spirituality (Havdallah and Talmud in the Sukkah) to our Men's Club programs and 4) Having a joint program with BSKI Men's Club who we are in the process of merging with (becoming Kol Rinah) this year. Everyone loved the program and it is going to be a new tradition for us.
Everyone identified this program as a classic FJMC innovative new program. This program fits right in with the goals and mission of FJMC - Leadership: we had 3 men participate and help lead this program that hadn't been participating before. Innovation - developing programming that better connects people of all ages to the Jewish community: We attracted young couples and older couples and many singles to the event.
This is certainly based on Steak and Scotch in the Sukkah programs, but adding the Taste of Talmud with Scotch history and tasting makes this an original program, but it is an adaptation of other Steak and Scotch programs (not sure of the numbers).
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