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I have read the General Guidelines, "Nuts and Bolts" and Program Advanced Planning (Excel Spreadsheet) Documents
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Jewish Men's Club of The Valleys - Murrieta , CA (1066)
Helping Scouts earn their Religious Awards
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The overall goal of this program is to give the opportunity for Cub and Boy Scouts to earn their Religious Award. By working on these awards they will have a better understanding of the history and customs of their religion.
Boy Scout Commissioner Stu Muller determined that there hasn't been a Jewish Religious Award given out in our local council in over five years. He could not determine if a Scout Shabbat was ever held in this Council.
1. We appointed a member to Chair the program.
2. We budgeted funds to fund the program. $7 a boy
3.The Chairman found members willing to instruct the class.
4. the committee downloaded the Maccabee Application and Workbook from
5. Boy Scout Commissioner Stu Muller send out a letter from the local to all Jewish Temples in the council to seek out scout and help the obtain their Religious Award
6. We set a date for the Class and Scout Shabbat
7. We sent out a News Release Papers and council
8. We held the class
9. We held a Scout Shabbat at a Friday Night Service
10. Publicize Shabbat
11. review the project and do it again

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Self Assessment
We are a small Senior Club who is associated with a senior Shul. We know that youth are the future of our religion. A lot the Jews in this area are married to non jews. but are raising their kids to be Jews without a Shul our club and Shul welcome these families. Some of the boys and lots of the girls belong to Scouts. We hope are effort will make these parents take advantage of our classes and learn about their religion. So far the parents got more out of the classes than the kids. So far we have given out 7 Maccabee , 1 Aleph and 1 Adult Shofar award. We have held two Scout Shabbats with great attendance from Cub and Girl Scouts.
We are encouraging young parents to involve themselves and their kids in Jewish life. In mostly a non-jew community with a lot of partly Jewish homes. The parents even the non-jew get involved in the award process
It's important that Jewish Scouts learn about their religion even if they don't go to religious school. They will ever take G-d out of Scouting they will always have a Duty to God.
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Maccabee Application and Workbook from
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