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Beth Emeth Men's Club - Herndon, VA (1144)
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This program provides a social opportunity mixed with religious programming. The goal was to provide a place and an opportunity for "minyanaires" to schmooze and get to know one another on Sunday mornings.
“If you haven’t yet been to a Men’s Club Minyan & Munch, then you haven’t experienced one of the most popular free events at CBE. November’s breakfast will feature fresh brewed prayer, piping hot conversation, and delicious k’velling between old friends and new. Drop by at 8:30am on November 13th and reserve your seat!”

The above is from the November 2012 Beth Emeth newsletter (The Shofar), and it truly illustrates what this program is all about. It was started in 2010 when one of our members commented that he wanted to do something a little different from a “traditional” Sunday brunch meeting. He’s an amateur gourmet chef and felt that a little extra effort in the kitchen would go a long way towards bringing people in. He was also concerned that while we are a synagogue, men’s club has historically not done much with the religion side of house.

I've created a video for you to experience the program as we do. Please enjoy:!i=2494783595&k=xnpGT8D

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Self Assessment
On an individual level, this program has helped to develop a number of member's culinary skills. It's also made the Sunday morning minyan a much more visible part of our programming year. Finally, it serves as another entry point for potential volunteers, beyond our regular board meetings. At various times, we've had about 15 different guys helping in the kitchen out of a 40 member club.

Our synagogue has reaped a significant benefit as well. This program has provided a launching point for other auxiliary groups. Both are adult education committee will close our by search committee have made use of the minyan and munch program to help serve their own needs. The men's club has helped out as needed to ensure these other events run smoothly.
FJMC's worldwide wrap program started the discussion our ritual committee surrounding the Sunday morning minyan. This program helps to expand on the World Wide Wrap to further draw in the community and highlight for our members what a small group of dedicated men can do.
Now that the marketing has been set and a regular schedule has been established, this has become a relatively easy program to pull off month after month.
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