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Beth El Temple Men's Club - West Hartford (217)
Sukkahfest in the Sukkah
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For two years in a row, the Men's Club has sponsored a "Sukkahfest in the Sukkah". An opportunity to eat, drink and be merry, and sample beers, variety of kosher knockwurst, popcorn, pretzels and more. Each time there has been a Jewish trivia contest with prizes - bottles of kosher wine for the winners.
The Men's Club has sponsored "Sukkahfest in the Sukkah" for the past 2 years (previously known as "Oktoberfest in the Sukkah"). This popular well attended holiday program often attracts people who do not typically attend Men's Club events. In 2011, the weather was perfect and we were able to eat and socialize outside in the Sukkah. In 2012, due to inclement weather, it was held inside in a room that led to the Sukkah.

The fun food (selection of kosher knockwurst, popcorn, pretzels) and variety of German beer offered was enjoyed by all. The second part of the program after dinner was The "Name that Jew" trivia contest, which was somewhat different each year, but fun and challenging, was enjoyed by all. Each year we create a page of famous Jewish faces that contestants need to properly identify. Not so easy for most contestants. It fun and laughter listening to other teams having trouble identifying a face that your team believes it has right. Each time, people would work in groups, with the winning team getting a bottle of wine.
This year a surprise twist, a christian student at University of Hartford heard of the program and had a religious studies requirement to learn about other customs. He contributed actively to the program and unbelievable won the Jewish Trivia contest.

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Self Assessment
We have had about 25 - 30 attendees which is a lot considering all the holiday activities during the first month of the Jewish New Year. Given some of the new people who have attended, this has given the Men's Club great exposure that we don't always get. This will be an annual program that give our members to do the mitzvah of eating in a Sukkah and doing the ritual of prayer for the Etrog and Lulav.
This newly established program clearly brings Jewish men together to observe a holiday in a different way that is very social and fun. This has been one of our more innovative initiatives.
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