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I have read the General Guidelines, "Nuts and Bolts" and Program Advanced Planning (Excel Spreadsheet) Documents
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Temple Israel of Sharon Brotherhood - Sharon, MA (738)
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Every year, our Brotherhood has an online auction to raise funds to support our programs. We traditionally kick-off the online auction with a themed live event. In 2012 the theme was a review of Steven Spielberg and his movies. This becomes the theme for the online auction and creates buzz. It's also a fun night out for the entire Temple membership.
- 4 months we assign the following tasks
- Solicitation Chair
- Marketing Chair
- Kick-off Auction Chair
- Online software manager
- 3-4 months prior to the auction we begin solicitation for items for the auction
- 2 months prior to the auction we begin marketing the auction and the kick-off
- 1 month prior posters go up
- Kick-off night - auction begins
- 3 weeks of on-line auction

Documents on the program can be found at the following links:
Auction Post:
Kick-off Presentation (75MB file):

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Self Assessment
The combined kick-off and online auction brought in about $14,000.
We believe kick-off auction combined with online auctions can create a good fundraising program for other clubs.
Please refer to the following links:
PowerPoint Presentation (75 MB):
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