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Beth El Temple Men's Club - West Hartford (217)
"A December to Remember" - Chinese Food and Movies on 12/25
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Authentic Chinese Food and Movies on December 25 at our temple. In 2011, it coincided with the 6th night of Chanukah, so we also lit candles, and added latkes to the menu.
In 2011, Men's Club decided to collaborate with Sisterhood and Chai Society and provide a program that had not been done before. With the Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food and going to the movies on 12/25, we figured we'd bring this concept to our temple. We identified an authentic Chinese restaurant in New Rochelle, NY (over 100 miles away) willing deliver. This was Eden Wok: Since 12/25 was also the 6th night of Chanukah, we started the program around 5:30 with candles and Chanukah prayers. The Chinese food had already been delivered a few hours earlier, and it was heated and all ready. Over 100 attendees enjoyed a delicious buffet of Chinese food, and of course latkes for Chanukah. Afterwards, there was a choice of two movies: Kid’s movie "Ratatouille" and Adult's movie, Woody Allen's "Zelig". The program went over very well, and we decided to make this an annual event.

In 2012, Chanukah was earlier in the month, so there were no candles or latkes. Again, we had authentic Chinese food ordered from Eden Wok. We did something else different: we showed 2 matinees mid-afternoon, followed by dinner, and then offered a "late show" with 2 additional movies. The matinees: “School Ties” (for adults) and “Brave” (for kids). The evening movies were “Defiance” (for adults) and “How to Train Your Dragon” (for kids). Close to 100 attendees this time.

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Self Assessment
Our 12/25 programs brought the synagogue together on a day that there is typically nothing going on. It was great to partake in this Jewish tradition with friends from shul.
Clearly an innovative concept that brought the Beth El community together.
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