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Presentation and 6 part discussion of the film Defiance.
The Brotherhood of Temple Israel of Sharon held a screening of the film "Defiance" starring Daniel Craig. The film is the story of the Bielsky Brothers who actively resisted the nazis and saved the lives of more than 1,200 Jews during the Shoah. The program was led by Rabbi Yitzi Weiner of the Sharon Kollel.

The program consisted of a screening of the film followed by the 6 separate discussions on themes of halacha and morality raised by the film. The final discussion included the one of the actual members, by telephone, of the of the Bielsky group. Her granddaughter was present at the discussion. The schedule was:

Sunday, 4/1,2012 - Screening of Defiance
Tuesday 4/17/2012 - Discussion: Taking revenge against Nazis and other Jewish Enemies
Tuesday 4/27/2012 - Discussion: Is it ever okay to steal from poor people to save lives?
Thursday 5/3/2012 - Discussion: How does one kill the Germans without become like the Germans?
Thursday 5/17/2013 - Discussion: Is it preferable to save as many people as possible while putting more at risk, or to save fewer people but keep them safer?
Thursday 5/31/2012 - Discussion: When is it okay to use lethal force to maintain camp discipline?
Thursday 6/14/2012 - Discussion: Are there priorities in save lives? Who does one save first?

The last session was attended by the grandchild of one of the members of the group and an actual member attended by phone.

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Self Assessment
We were able to reach many non-Brotherhood and even non-Temple members to this program. It was very powerful with a focus on learning the Jewish perspective on morality that was raised by the film.
We think this would make a wonderful program other clubs can replicate.
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