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Beth El Temple Men's Club - West Hartford (217)
Tefillin Educating Students
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WWW was promoted to our congregation and our 6th and 7th grade classes. The FJMC Tefillin Video The Ties that Bind was shown to the students the previous week. After Minyan all were invited to breakfast sponsored by Men's Club and Chai Society (our over 55 group) and a Tefillin presentation by Rabbi Druin of Sofer -on- Site.
Our students arrived 20 minutes before minyan and two rabbi's gave instruction in groups on how to lay tefillin. Groups included students and adults. Men's Club purchased three new sets of Tefillin from FJMC and donated them to the synagogue to use for this program. 6th and 7th grade classes attended minyan along with our adults. The minyan was lead by our senior Rabbi Rosen and it was a learners minyan so explanations of the service followed to keep everyone comfortable with why we were doing what we were doing. At the Shama details were given on how and when to hold and kiss your Tefillin. After service the Children groups for a photo opportunity
After minyan everyone was invited to breakfast and presentation by Rabbi Druin of Sofer-on-Site. Rabbi Druin is a master scribe and is writing a new Torah for our congregation.
Rabbi Druin went into detail from history to customs about Tefillin. We all learned insight to the tradition that most of us never knew. The highlight was showing in detail and hands on how tefillin was made, constructed, and written. He brought a mini set of tefillin that was used during our history when Jew were being persecuted and could not carry regular size tefillin. What was amazing is that the script that was in the tefillin was so tiny but perfectly kosher. Rabbi Druin who is a master scribe confessed that with all of his skills he could not write a script as small as what our ancestors were able to accomplish. The students and adults were fully engaged in the program. This was the best WWW program we have ever done with all of the elements that were included.
I have attached photos of the construction of tefillin that I hope other synagogue's will be able to use to help teach their students.


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Self Assessment
The program brought together many parts of the synagogue including the religious school, our Rabbi's, Men's club and Chai Society as well as our congregants and the committee promoting our new Torah and Sofer-on-site. The hands on learning of Tefillin construction and history had a significant impact on everyone in attendance.
Participating in a FJMC World Wide program and purchased three sets of Tefillin from FJMC
Contributed to promoting, community, leadership and innovation
Sofer-on-site is an organization out of Miami, FL
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