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Tue, 2013-05-07 22:07
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Forest Hills Jewish Center Men'S Club - Forest Hills, NY (822)
Coffee House
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The FHJC Coffee House is an annual event sponsored by Men’s Club in conjunction with FHJC Membership. It offers every segment of the FHJC community a showcase for their performance skills. This almost-open-mic night for all ages attracts an audience of about 200 people.
The program goals are to provide a showcase for performance talent within FHJC and to bring together all generations and constituencies within FHJC. Pricing for the event is kept as low as possible, and children under 12 years of age are admitted free. Cofee, tea, flavored syrups, whipped cream, and soft drinks are included, as are a variety of snacks. Adults may bring their own alcoholic beverages.

Registration for performers takes place 4 months prior to the event, and performers are in contact with the production team throughout the period leading up to performance. Runthrough is 1 to 2 weeks prior to the event. Publicity consists of advertising flyers, blurbs in the weekly FHJC Shabbat Shalom, and notices in the bimonthly Message, as well as notices on the FHJC listserv and bimah announcements and in the free local newspapers.

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Self Assessment
Coffee House is the event that has the most Club members participating, in planning, support and performance roles. Because it is not a fundraiser, it enhances the Club’s standing as an organization that contributes goodwill as well as funds to the synagogue. Our members make up a great percentage of the actual performers. The attached video shows Men’s Club members performing the closing number of the evening, an annual tradition.
Coffee House is an event in which Men’s Club plays a major role, both as organizing body and as performers. In additina to Men’s Club members, the event draws men -- and women -- from the entire FHJC community. It demonstrates the benefits of becoming involved in Jewish life through Men’s Club and, by extension, through FJMC and supports the elements of Leadership and Community.

The planning and marketing information for Coffee House were shared with Temple Israel Center of White Plains, NY (Hudson Valley Region) at the Northeast Summer Retreat 2012. They presented their first talent show this year, an Innovation.
The idea stemmed from two original, full-fledged scripted theatrical events staged by FHJC (Farblundgett Broadway and Farblundgett Follies). Requests were made by members who represented other musical genres for a performance opportunity. As discussion progressed, an open-mic format was chosen, with the understanding that performers’ selections would be pre-approved for synagogue appropriateness. Each Coffee House performer is allotted 5 minutes to sing, dance, play an instrument, read poetry, etc. All ages are welcome;
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