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Emanuel Synagogue Brotherhood - West Hartford, CT (230)
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Brotherhood Catering provides an opportunity for our guys to get together to form friendships, build camaraderie, do a mitzvah, raise money for our synagogue and other worthy charities, help our synagogue families provide a wonderful kiddush for their simcha while saving some money, and have fun. Families having a simcha are contacted and given a menu of options. Once Brotherhood Catering is selected to prepare the food for their simcha and a date is set we use e-mail to contact our members to show up for the cooking date and time, help put the food out on the day of the simcha, and help with clean up after the event. As incentives, members who help a set number of times earn an Emanuel Brotherhood Apron with their name on it. We also hold a free dinner for all volunteers and their spouses at the end of the year to thank all who have helped during the year.
The process: All families having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah during the coming year are contacted and sent a Brotherhood Catering menu. If they select Brotherhood to cater their simcha, the date is marked on our calendar and e-mails are sent to the members to sign up for the cooking session. Before the cooking session the food is obtained either through local wholesale food companies or various supermarkets or discount stores. All shoppers are well versed in looking for kosher certification for all food that is purchased. At the cooking session, some guys are assigned fruit and vegetable washing and cutting. Some are assigned to making salads – tuna, egg, and/or vegetable. Some put the food in bowls or on platters. Some bake cookies and plate them. Others make kugel or vegetable lasagna or sesame noodles. Some of the guys are assigned to setting up tables with plates and utensils. On the day of the event some guys help bring the food out while others will help with clean up. Overall, our catering coordinator has each task outlined as well as room set-up diagrams.

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Self Assessment
Brotherhood Catering has had a significant impact on our club and synagogue. This activity has brought our members together on numerous occasions to work on the food preparation. Our catering reputation has increased the number of simcha's that we have catered. This has increased the funds we have raised for our synagogue, programs in Israel and programs in our community. We have been able to make sizable donations to our synagogue, Kosher Food Pantry, Food Share, JNF, and other charities for the past 2 years. Our rabbi has commented that this program is the essence of synagogue community.
Brotherhood Catering has helped us build a strong club membership and participation. The men who volunteer their time to help with Brotherhood Catering have also become more involved in synagogue life and can be found helping out on other synagogue projects. This program involves men in Jewish life through building leadership and community.
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