Torch Award Submission Application

This page shows analysis of submitted data, such as the number of submissions per component value, calculations, and averages. Additional components may be added under the "Add analysis components" fieldset.

Documents read

I have read the General Guidelines, "Nuts and Bolts" and Program Advanced Planning (Excel Spreadsheet) Documents92


Best Overall Programming6
Club Administration9
FJMC - other11
Hearing Men’s Voices1
Hebrew Programming1
Israel / Masorti4
Men's Club Shabbat2
Non-FJMC Program9
Programming for Young Men8
Shomrei Ha’aretz4
World Wide Wrap5
Yom HaShoah / Yellow Candle8
Youth Programming5

Program Orgin

Original Program80
An adaptation or enhancement of a previous Torch Award entry TAxx-xxxx|4
Previously awarded a Silver or Bronze in this category submission number TAxx-xxxx1
Other Source6

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