Submission #10273 by Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)

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Submitted by hfreed
Sat, 2016-12-31 10:48
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Har Shalom Men's Club - Potomac, MD (1151)
World Wide Wrap 2017
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Part A on Feb 12, 2016. Men's club will participate with Religious school in a WWW day for 6 and 7 graders and parents. All will attend a fair with three stations as follow: Rabbi will give discussion to all setting the tone. 1. Open tefillin are explained and orgins are discussed. 2. Men's Club will teach all participants how to put on Tefillin and discussion of why we wear tefillin and 3. a film will be shown and will be followed by a discussion of how they are made. A breakfast and discussion will follow.  Part B on March 12. Adults minyan. Men's Club will show new commers how to put on tefillin at 8L30 AM. Shacharit from 9 to 9:45. Breakfast and discussion  about tefillin follows.