Submission #1034 by Rodeph Sholom Men's Club - Bridgeport, CT (202)

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Wed, 2014-01-29 11:44
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Rodeph Sholom Men's Club - Bridgeport, CT (202)
World Wide Wrap 2014
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The TT classes 6th - 8th grades will be at services beginning 9:00 AM in the chapel with some parents along with the regular minyannaires.

The Rabbi & Ed. Dir. will assist attendees with wrapping tefillin along with other experienced congregants.

Some of the TT students will conduct part of the service.

A buffet breakfast will be served in the social hall with bagels & lox, etc. after services.

The Rabbi and Ed. Dir. will conduct teaching classes on the importance of laying tefillin.


Rodeph Sholom has been running a W.W.W. program every year since the program began.

All B'Nei Mitzvot students are instructed in how to wrap tefillin prior to their confirmation.

Our synagogue is the only Conservative schul in the region to run twice daily minyans ever since our inception over 100 years ago.