Submission #10538 by Adat Shalom Men’s Club - Farmington Hills, MI (309)

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Mon, 2017-01-16 22:39
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Adat Shalom Men’s Club - Farmington Hills, MI (309)
World Wide Wrap 2017
Senior VP
Club President
The World Wide Wrap is for all ages. This is a great opportunity to introduce children to Tefillin and for adults to learn the history and significance of Tefillin, along with instruction on how to put them on. Come learn and experience the beautiful mitzvah of wearing Tefillin. In conjunction with the 17th annual World Wide Wrap, Hazzan Gross will teach about this often misunderstood mysterious ritual object: Tefillin.
This program will take place beginning at 8 AM before our morning minyan so please stay for the service. 
Following the service the Men’s Club will sponsor a delicious breakfast. There is no charge.