Submission #10565 by Temple Aliyah Men's Club - Woodland Hills, CA (1041)

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Submitted by msholk
Thu, 2017-01-19 00:56
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Temple Aliyah Men's Club - Woodland Hills, CA (1041)
World Wide Wrap 2017
ex preside
Club President

The program consisted of a series of activities, which started in early January with the construction of Build-A-Pair kits, which were prepared by a club member in his home workshop.

Work with our Religious school staff to schedule in-class teaching a couple of weeks before the World Wide Wrap so we can have two experienced club members (both past Club Presidents) talk about their different backgrounds (One from a Sephardic family, and one from an Ashkenazi family) and how their family traditions and background influences their connection to the ritual of Tefillin.

The next step was the in-class construction and decoration of the Build-A-Pair kits by each student in the sixth grade class.

Finally, on the day of the WWW, the Religious School requires attendance by all the children with their parents. Experienced club members help the students to practice the Tefillin wrapping their Build-A-Pair kits and loaner Tefillin sets. During the wrapping and morning service, all students wearing their Tefillin receive a free raffle ticket to win a new pair of Tefillin. Additional tickets are sold to parents and others in attendance. Finally, Men’s Club hosts a full breakfast and pulls the winning raffle ticket.