Submission #117 by Beth Emeth Men's Club - Herndon, VA (1144)

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Submitted by j.kraden
Thu, 2013-01-24 11:54
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Beth Emeth Men's Club - Herndon, VA (1144)
World Wide Wrap 2013
Club President


World Wide Wrap XIII (Bar Mitzvah Year of the Wrap)
Sunday, February 3, 2013.

 “Being Jewish by Practicing Judaism with all our senses”


Program Schedule:


9:00 Am           Welcome & Intro to WWW

9:10 Am           Minyan

9:45 Am           Wrapping T’filin

                        10 Min. explanation of the Why & How

15 Min. to get all the kids to Wrap

*Move to Social Hall


10:10 Am         Introduction to Program, explain Theme: “Being Jewish by Practicing Judaism with all our senses”

·         Kids will be divided in to 5 groups/tables (5 senses) need 5 parents as table leader


10:20 Am         Groups:

                        10 Min.  discussion about being Jewish using a particular sense.

                        15 Min. 3 min. X 5 groups: presenting their list to the rest of the students


10:45 Am         Group discussion about practicing being Jewish: share stories about traditions, special Holiday celebrations, trips to Israel, etc. (get help from teachers)


11:00 Am         Munch

·         YouTube fun T’fillin clips

11:15               Caleb’s Challenge with Rabbi Steve

11:45 Am         Closing Words



Janice-talk about Bar Mitzvah year??


12:00 Pm         SHALOM