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Fri, 2019-01-04 16:19
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Etz Chaim Men's Club - Thousand Oaks, CA (1036)
World Wide Wrap 2019
Club President

The World Wide Wrap is celebrated in three distinct but connected programs. 

1. Build-a-Pair : The Religious School Sixth Graders are given the opportunity to craft their own T'fillin using the kids purchased from the FJMC.

2. T'Filling Training: Several members of the TEC Men's Club will visit the Religious School 6th and 7th graders to teach (or remind) them how to put on the T'fillin.

3. On the date of WWW, there is an extended morning minyan with explanations of the T'Fillin. Then, the religious school classes are invited to the Chapel for a special morning minyan to participate in the World Wide Wrap. Parents are invited to attend.