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Tue, 2019-01-08 13:49
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Temple Aliyah Men's Club - Woodland Hills, CA (1041)
World Wide Wrap 2019
WWW Chair
Club President
$ 150

During the weeks leading up to the Wrap, two Men's Club members, both Past Presidents, go into the Religious School 6th grade classrooms and teach the mizvah of teffillin to the kids. Since one of the guys is of Sephardi decent and the other Ashkenazi, they should the differant ways that each tradition wraps the straps. They then hand out the member-built Build-A-Pair kits for the kids to prepare their mock-teffilin in anticipation the Wrap Sunday.

Wrap Sunday is scheduled as a mandatory meeting Sunday for the 6th grade class and parents are encourages to attend. They add to the normal Sunday "Tallit & Teffillin" morning minyan, plus numerous other Men's Club members and clergy who also participate.

Another highlight of the Wrap at Temple Aliyah is the Teffillin Raffle. A set of kosher teffillin is purchased in advance of the Wrap and raffled off during the Men's Club sponsored breakfast that follows the minyah service. A free raffle ticket is given to each student to comes and wears their Build-A-Pair teffillin and additional raffle tickets are sold for $1 each or 6-for-$5. The money raised from ticket helps to pay for the purchase of teffillin for next year's Wrap.